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Come shoot with me!


I love photography- more than I love a Neapolitan from Reilly's Bakery, and almost as much as I love my two Golden's, Tucker and Cooper. My passion for photography pours out of me, and the energy I have generates life and happiness in my photo shoots. My talent is fostered by that passion and energy, and by my genuine love for people.

I grew up as part of a large family, and then went on to have a big family of my own. My husband and my kids are my favorite models, even though I might not be their favorite person for dragging them outside for a 7am shoot because the lighting was "just too perfect".

I have been in the photography industry for almost thirty years. (Yes, I know that makes me sound old, don't laugh!) I have grown with the industry, and still continue to grow. I have challenged myself to learn new techniques, go outside my comfort zone, and stretch myself (literally) to get the perfect shot. 

I am a personable, sincere, and fun photographer to work with. Warning: I might get more excited than your Mom during your senior sessions. And I will definitely be itching to play with your dogs after your family portraits, but know that I will capture your most precious moments, and turn these experiences into cherished memories. 

"I am super impressed. Excellent work. You really know what you are doing. You are the very best around."

-Dolly L.

"Great person, great pics. A pleasure to do business with.


Highly recommend !!!"

-Joan N

"Loved working with her! Great personality, very professional, fun, and AMAZING photographer "

-Colleen M.

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